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June 2, 2017

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HOW TO: Find Button Clicks on a Mobile Only Facebook Ad

December 19, 2017

Recently I have been testing local "Call Now" mobile ads with a legal client in South Carolina when I discovered a "hidden" metric that shows the true number of times "Call Now" was clicked. Before I would record the link click, video view or leads metric for results, but these ads have the impressions result. While being seen 1 million times is great, the click through rate was a shy .08%..... the client needed answers, they had only received one call.  In one sense this was expected because the legal industry is a niche product, you only need it when something bad happens. But in another, I needed to present the true number of times "Call Now", rather than the post, was clicked in order to put the dismal CTR in context for the client. In case you have forgotten where to find this information or are a business owner looking for answers, follow the steps below.


How to see how many times "call now" was clicked on a mobile Facebook/ Instagram ad:



  1. Open Business Manager, if not using Business Manager, open Ads Manager.

  2. Navigate to the ad account, select the campaign

  3. Navigate to the Ads tab

  4. Use Performance view, scroll to the end

  5. Record number of button clicks per ad or total

It seems simple, but it's easy to miss when reporting because link clicks are the most obvious metric. Don't forget to drill down into individual ad when looking for insights, Facebook actually does a great job of providing performance data!


Some mobile Call Now/ Get Directions ad basics, if you are considering trying this ad objective:


  • Call Now mobile ads are a "right place, right time" and brand recall play, you can target areas up to a 50 mile radius.

  • If you have multiple locations in your profile, select or deselect to create personalized offers.

  • Results are based on impressions, you pay by impressions.

  • High impressions does not equal high click rate.

  • Improve click rate with better offer, copy or creatives.

  • Video ads consistently have lower cost per click.

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